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The 12 best riding locations of 2022 for your bucket list

Though there had been a few setbacks in the form of injuries and tons of bureaucracy, we’ve managed to become the first bike travel agency in Slovakia this year as well as explored many fantastic locations to ride. We’ve decided to share a summary so you can update your riding bucket list for 2023 and […]

Waiting for the stars (friends calendars) to align… Or why we’ve started Traildeer in the 1st place?

Although the top most reason why we jumped into this whole business was to finally get out of the office rat race after too many years spent behind the desk and at meetings, just to be able to afford riding after working hours (there’s time after work?) and on the holy weekends. But the key […]

Report: Trip to Bike Arena Natisone – Like Finale Ligure, but closer? Part 2/2

This is the second part of our Trip Report to Bike Arena Natisone, if you have not seen the first part you can check it out here. Continuing onwards with day 3 / Saturday where Paolo prepared a special program for us as the trails in some parts were already closed for maintenance and also […]

Report: Trip to Natisone Bike Arena – Like Finale Ligure, but closer? Part 1/2

On Sunday we’ve returned from what was already our second trip to the Italian & Slovenian borderlands within 3 weeks. Since this time our plans changed a little and the group was made up only of 5 riders we’ve decided to not take our van and trailer, and instead took up shuttling with the locals. […]

Getting ready for Re-Launch

Hello there riders, we are restarting Traildeer as a dedicated bike travel agency and since we’re still finalizing the paperwork and bureaucracy around it our trips are not available to buy just yet. Therefore you will see Available soon in everything else besides the camps, which don’t fall under the travel agency business and can […]

Our Top 10 rides for this year

International travel is finally picking up as many countries open their borders to tourists in Europe (check out our previous Covid-related post to learn where you can go here). It seems this crazy “locked-up-at-home” era comes to a long-awaited end.   Therefore we’ve looked at the 100+ bike experiences in 10 countries that you can […]