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Bike Trip Report – Finale & Pietra Ligure

At the beginning of the summer season, despite the increasing temperatures, we’ve decided to go visit the “mecca” of European enduro – Finale Ligure the dream riding location in Italy. Just a week before our arrival, the prestigious Enduro World Series competition was held here, as it is every year, where the world’s best riders […]

Report - Traildeer otváračka sezóny 2023

Last weekend, our first ever Bike Season Opening took place, first at the OKO Trails on Saturday, and then on Sunday we continued on the trails above the village of Kunerad. We were expecting an intimate friendly ride with a maximum of 15 friends, and suddenly were swarmed by over 40 enthusiastic riders impatiently waiting […]

Predstavujeme nášho bajk-delegáta #1 - Martin Klučka

In this continuous series we will be introducing the Traildeer riding team with individual Delegates that will be accompanying our riders on the trips along the way making sure everyone is happy and having a blast on the trails. Through this series you will be able to get to know the guys in more detail […]

12 najlepších pojazdov v roku 2022 do tvojho zoznamu na 2023

Though there had been a few setbacks in the form of injuries and tons of bureaucracy, we’ve managed to become the first bike travel agency in Slovakia this year as well as explored many fantastic locations to ride. We’ve decided to share a summary so you can update your riding bucket list for 2023 and […]

Kým sa hviezdy (či kalendáre kamošov) naklonia, alebo prečo sme založili Traildeer?

Although the top most reason why we jumped into this whole business was to finally get out of the office rat race after too many years spent behind the desk and at meetings, just to be able to afford riding after working hours (there’s time after work?) and on the holy weekends. But the key […]

Report: Trip to Bike Arena Natisone – Like Finale Ligure, but closer? Part 2/2

This is the second part of our Trip Report to Bike Arena Natisone, if you have not seen the first part you can check it out here. Continuing onwards with day 3 / Saturday where Paolo prepared a special program for us as the trails in some parts were already closed for maintenance and also […]