Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that riders are asking us when booking and some others that we wish we would know when deciding about a trip.

Most locations can be ridden even in bad weather, however as we want to maximize the happiness and safety of our customers if the weather forecast is too bad we may be able to postpone or cancel the trip. In terms of cancellation due to bad weather we may charge a fee to cover the deposits to local service providers (guides, shuttles, accommodations…), but we will communicate about it ahead of time. In most cases if there’s no constant rain storms over multiple days most trips would still happen. We will be in touch with the participants in case we think about postponing or cancelling a trip.

Check the Accommodation tab for the specific trip for more details on the given trips. However, on all our trips we try to find the best price performance in terms of accommodation and always look for modern apartments to stay at. We prefer apartments as opposed to hotel rooms, as the price is usually much better, and there are additional benefits of having a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a common room to hang out after the ride or in the evening. Ideally we like to book villas or houses to also have a terrace and place for bike storage and maintenance. In terms of comfort you can expect a good single bed in a bedroom with 3 people maximum where possible. We do try our best to avoid sofa and bunk beds. Where it will not possible to find such an arrangement we will indicate this in the description or communicate directly with riders. A good shower with hot water and of course a safe space for our bikes is included.

Due to the rising price of gas as well as legal issues with actually doing transportation, you need to a have a license for each country where you want to travel to, ideally you have two company drivers in case an issue would arise etc. For these reasons we prefer not to provide transportation ourselves. In future the plan is to have our own van and trolley, but for now see the options below.

However a good alternative is that we always connect all participants and together we usually find space for all riders and their bikes in the private cars. In case of sufficient interest we can either hire a 3rd party company to take us or we can rent a van and trolley and will indicate this in the particular trip. In terms of trips requiring flight tickets, we can either buy them ourselves with a small discount compared to when a customer buys it directly, or they can be bought individually. However we encourage to do this together with the other riders and as soon as possible as tickets tend to sell out. In terms of transfers to and from the airport, we usually organize the transfer in the destination, but not to the home airport. We indicate this in the trip description usually also with the option to add the local transfer to the airport as well.

Carefully check the Difficulty tab for each trip to get specific info for the particular trip. In general though our trips are on the intermediate to advanced level of riding as that is what we love the most. Some trips like for example the EWS to Slovenia or Czarna Gora are meant for advanced riders only, and some others e.g. Finale Ligure, Bielsko Biala, Croatian trips are ideal also for intermediate riders. We are planning to start doing beginner trips as well, however only for day tours for now. Also we start each trip with the easiest trails around and work our way up to the more difficult ones to get used to the trails.

Finally please be really critical about your technique level and skills when deciding to join a trip as we want to build well-balanced groups where a good riding speed can be maintained and everyone gets home safely. We want to prevent lengthy waiting times of the group for stragglers as well as prevent injuries stemming from peer pressure or trails more difficult than the rider experience allows. As part of the booking process we will reach out to you to discuss your experience and skills to ensure the group is more or less on the same level.

There are many reasons why to join Traildeer. We love biking in epic locations and showing them to riders to enjoy a fantastic time on their bikes.

Our concept is somewhat unique in that we do not do the guiding ourselves, but usually combine local guides to show us the highlights of the given destination and then guide the remaining days ourselves to mix it up and make it more interesting.

This way we do not only ensure we get to ride the very best trails in the given location, but also that our guides know the conditions of the trails, know about any obstacles etc. On top of that we support the trail building and maintenance by working together with locals who take care of the area as well as make sure we have a good working relationship with them.

On each trip a Traildeer Delegate accompanies the riders in the saddle and out of it in order to ensure the trip is smooth no matter whether we have the same guide/driver crew for the whole trip, or we change destinations and providers day to day. Our delegates ensure that everyone has fun and that all riders are safe. They usually speak Slovak as well as English, and often times also the local language making communication easy. The riders therefore have a carefree experience and can enjoy the ride.

In terms of itineraries, we work very closely with the local guides to ensure they ride only the very best trails in the most convenient order and tailored to the requirements and expecatations of the riders.

Aside of this we are an official full-fledged bike travel agency with all the legal paperwork, insurances to be able to provide bike trips to our customers, which many others don’t.

Finally we have assembled a fun crew of bike loving enthusiasts as well as choosing great local guides making the people mix one of the most important value we provide.

We will try to ensure that this doesn’t happen ahead of the time before the trip, just be sure to read all the descriptions for the trip to take in the difficulty. Also pay attention to the trail comparisons so that you can evaluate whether it exceeds your level of riding.

However don’t worry there are always things we can do. You can always skip a ride or two, take a day off and rest or we can try to figure out alternative itineraries to accommodate a participant in need. For example we had a similar case where we have found a local guide to take the participant on a less difficult day tour and he rejoined the group again the next day already more used to the terrain and could keep up with the group.

As we have a Delegate on board of every trip there’s also a possibility to split the group up with the local guide and choose easier or more difficult trail options for the day.

Of course as mentioned in the question about difficulty, you can decide to take a day off or go on your own, however you will ride at your own risk and on your own responsibility as we cannot be held responsible in case of an accident. We will however help you to create a good itinerary fitting your expectations.

You are in good hands as our Guides and Delegates usually have training and certification in first aid and mountain rescue as well as carry well stocked first aid kits with them. In case its needed we will ensure emergency services are notified and that you would get proper care. Our guides also have walkie-talkies and in remote locations also sattelite phones to get help when necessary.

Therefore if something happens you will be taken care of better than by riding alone or probably even when riding with friends (in case they do not have training).

Of course be careful and ensure you ride within your comfort zone to ensure your safety and the safety of the group in the first place to avoid accidents and injuries. Always be mindful that you’re part of a group and an accident of one participant will affect everyone.

We prefer to lead groups of 4-8 riders per guide, usually the max is 6 though when shuttling is involved and the shuttle is limited to 9 people including driver and guide plus the Traildeer delegate.

Even according to international MTB standards 8 people is the maximum recommended for bike tours in general, although in some cases we may indicate otherwise in the trip description.

In cases where we have a local guide and a Traildeer Delegate at the end closing the group we may decide to split the group in two parts in order to facilitate smoother riding.

If you would like a private tour for yourself or you and your friends please let us know and we will figure out how to best make it happen.

We’re spending many hours on creating the riding plan and itinerary together with the local guides and delegates ahead of time to make sure they are the most fun and also that the difficulty level fits the expectations and skills of the current group. If necessary we alter the existing itinerary to ensure all needs are met.

However please be aware that the itinerary is approximate, as it always depends on riding and trail conditions on the day of riding, the weather, the group preferences etc.

Therefore on site we always discuss and decide as a group together with the guides based on the most recent information usually a day ahead or on the riding day in case of weather change.

In such a case we can either cancel the trip or after communication with the customers figure out a way how to make the trip happen despite fewer people. This could mean a higher price per person or for example leaving out a shuttled day or shortening a trip by a day or two. If not enough people have signed up for a trip we will reach out to the customers and discuss these options together.

The bike trips are not meant as training camps or training sessions specifically, although it is possible after mutual agreement to do a session or two on the trails as well. If you’re interested to have a session please inform us and we can consider it. In general though the trips are meant to ride the trails, of course we will stop at more difficult sections, consider and discuss line choices, show how to tackle them. This in itself will raise your skills usually by some degrees, however please don’t expect sessioning of trail features if it is not expressly indicated in the trip description. Finally an official bike trainer requires a license and insurance to be able to train riders on the trail as he bears significant responsibility in case of injury or death, so please be sure to expect these things from your trainers before booking a training session esp. in a foreign country where the legal setup may be even more strict than in Slovakia.

Pleaser check the Cancellation Tab in each trip for specific information for the given event.

However here are the general terms of cancellation from both sides:

In case we need to cancel the trip for any reason we will refund the whole fee in full. We’re fully insured and financially covered so whatever happens, if we need to cancel a trip from our end, you will receive your money back.

In case you need to cancel we have Short Trips and Long Trips with different cancellation terms based on the different needs and reservation fees & deposits to local providers ahead of time.

Please contact us ASAP if you need to cancel the trip for any reason. The following terms apply:

Rider cancels Short Trip (0-3 days)

– up to 1 week before the trip 80% of your fee is refunded, we keep the reservation fee to cover costs of finding a replacement
– up to 2 days before the trip 50% of your fee is refunded to cover the costs of a vacant seat and potentially not finding a replacement
– less then 2 days before the trip we cannot refund any fees, as we already have incurred fixed costs with accommodation, guides and we will not be able to

Rider cancels long trip (4-7 days)

– up to 2 weeks before 80% of your fee is refunded, we keep the reservation fee to cover costs.
– up to 1 week before 50% of your fee is refunded to cover the costs of a vacant seat and potentially not finding a replacement.
– less then a week before a trip we cannot refund any fees, as we already have costs with accommodation, guides etc. and we will not be able to find a replacement.

In any case we will try our best to find a replacement and refund what we can if you have to cancel, but please keep the above conditions in mind if we do not succeed.

Although we all love mountain biking, it is in itself quite a risky sport involving high speeds, challenging terrain and our bikes, not to mention our riding skills. This is a fun, but at times also challenging combination. At Traildeer we do our very best to keep our riders safe and sound, however we always advise each rider to stay within their comfort zone and consider the risks before tackling a difficult feature or section. There is no shame to say no and push or carry the bike down if its too much and your head won’t take it.

Please be considerate that you are part of a group and if something happens if will affect everyone on the trip. The guides will always give instructions, explain the trails and show the lines, however its your responsibility to decide how or whether you’re going to ride the given trail.

Please chcek the Bike tab in each trip for a detailed description of the individual bike requirements. As most trips fall into a trail and enduro category the minimum requirement is a full suspension bike of at least 130mm front and back, with higher difficulty more travel is of benefit. If you’re riding a hardtail please reach out to us and we will determine whether there’s a good fit for the given trip.

Of course every bike needs to be in fully rideable shape, ideally after being professionally serviced, esp. for longer trips. Even though there are bike shops almost everywhere these days, we want to avoid injury or issues on the trail therefore we highly recommend a service check before every trip. Please don’t forget spare brake pads ideally 2 pairs just in case as we’ve encountered some issues in the past with finding the correct. Also take anything else specific to your bike that you would’nt find in a bike shop such as a spare derailleur hanger etc. This way you can maximize the time on the trail and minimize down time and have a great ride. 

We see food as one of the most important parts of our trips, however for us food choice and taste is a very personal thing and we want everyone to order what they like the most. In some cases food will be included in the shape of breakfast or lunch outside when we’re far from a restaurant.

We do take very good care of choosing only the most tasty restaurants in the areas where we ride and then leave it up to each rider to order for themselves. Also with the growing awareness of food intolerances it would be difficult to find a menu or even choices that fit everyone ahead of time.

On the other hand once there we often order tasting and sharing menus for everyone to take a bite.

The more the merrier and we always welcome more people on each trip. Reach out to us if two or more people want to join and we will see what we can do about the price depending on availability of seats as well as the specific trip cost structure.

We’re doing our very best to make every trip a success. Our delegates are accompanying our riders exactly because we want to deal with any issue that might arise on the trip, whether that is difficulty of the trails, itinerary, accommodation, transportation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the delegate or directly to us via our contact form if you face any difficulties. We will do everything we can to solve the issues you are facing. If you are unhappy after the trip please reach out to us and we will discuss the issues as well as what we can do to improve the situation for you as well as for riders in the future.


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