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Bikes. Trails. Friends.

We have started Traildeer in 2020 with a wild idea to build a platform for local guides and riders to connect and discover the best trails in the easiest way. However as we went we found out that we want to be in charge of the quality and content of each trip on Traildeer and have therefore decided to expand into a full-fledged bike travel agency and get the best of both worlds – working with local bike guides and being able to design the very best trips ourselves. For us this is about discovering amazing places, having loads of fun, and making new friends for life… 

Our Story

In love with MTB since 2004

We’re a couple of passionate bikers that have met on a bike training back in 2018. Since then we’ve travelled much of Europe and some even outside of it. The same way bikes brought us two together, they have also enabled us to make tons of great friends all around Europe. That is why we believe that Mountain Biking is much more than the bikes and trails, but it is also a way how to craft strong friendships in the best way possible. Traildeer for us is both a hobby as well as a way to do more of what we love most.

Richard Lipovsky

Usually there are no two days in a row on which I am not out and about either riding trails or working on technique. With almost 20 years in the saddle and having ridden not only in a large part of Europe, but also in the US, UK, Australia and Mexico I am still amazed how exciting MTB can be. Since 2021 I am also a certified guide & trainer from Bikepro Austria expanding my horizon by bringing along new people to all these bike adventures as well as teaching them a thing or two, while still learning something new every time. Connect with me on one of the below networks.  

Eva Lenorovicova

Mud, rain nor snow can’t stop her to get her dose of bike riding. Eva loves to to go both up and down the trails, though she prefers the down part a bit more. She likes all sorts of adventures ideally going fast as well slower through some of the most difficult trails like the Black Snake in Val di Sole. She is in charge of operations and social media, as well as being the voice of reason in this venture. 

The very best trips

For us a great trip is not only about the trails, but about the entire package from A to Z. We aim to find the very best combination of experiences, services at a fair price point so that our guests enjoy bike loads of fun. 

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