Meet our #1 bike delegate – Martin Klučka

In this continuous series we will be introducing the Traildeer riding team with individual Delegates that will be accompanying our riders on the trips along the way making sure everyone is happy and having a blast on the trails. Through this series you will be able to get to know the guys in more detail both in the saddle and out of it. Don’t hesitate to leave a question for them in the comments at the bottom and if you’d like to learn more about becoming part of our  delegate team you can learn more here

1. Hi Martin, welcome to the Traildeer Team. First, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, my name is Maťo Klučka, I am 38 years old, I come from Nové Zámky, and I still live in its vicinity today. I’m an entrepreneur and I run a small B2B business, which gives me the freedom to talk a lot and do a lot of other things. Najbližšie traily mám 60 km od domu 🙂

2. Why is biking your favorite sport?      

On a mountain bike you can cover a great distance in a short period of time. Or a short distance in a great period of time.

3. Why have you decided to become a delegate with us?

Mostly because of traveling and scouting new riding locations, there’s just no better feeling than to be on a bike.

4. Do you ride any other cycling disciplines? Road, gravel or ebike?

Is riding a home trainer also a discipline? 🙂 Apart from MTB, I only do pump track on my dirt bike, that’s far enough for me for now.

5. What are the top places to ride you have liked the most so far?

There are too many, but I loved Nauders/Reschen or the 3 Länder Enduro the most, technical natural single tracks at their best. However Črna na Koroškem, Finale Ligure or Kunerad are also on my All-time-best list.

6. All foreign locations, do you have a favorite within Slovakia?

Of course, I love the Kunerad trails below Martinské Hole, or Cyklostopy in Stará Ľubovna, but we have a lot out here that is worth riding.

7. What is your favorite trail? At home abroad?

Here at home it would probably be the Lýščia stopa trail in Ľubovna, and abroad the Bunker Trail or Haideralm in Reschen.

8. Where would you want to go riding the most in future?

Definitely Spain, so many different locations from Malaga, through Ainsa, Pyrenees or even the Basque coast are where my dreams would come through. I lived there for 3 years, but did not do that much riding, so I want to remedy that. On the other end of the spectrum I would also love to visit Scotland with Fort William or even Isle of Skye for a very different, and much more wet, riding experience 🙂

9. What kind of trails do you like the most and what difficulty level?

I enjoy most trails whatever they are, but prefer natural, loamy and not super techy ones. Speed, flow and some level of sketchiness are where the magic happens.

10. What bike do you ride?

Currently I ride a Transition Sentinel V2. Previously I rode an Ibis Ripmo V2. Aktualne Sentinel V2, pred tym Ripmo V2. Ripmo business, sentinel party, but I want to try a short travel trail bike soon as well 🙂

11. What is your favorite trail feature? Do you enjoy something specific?

Not really, everything has its beauty from jumping through dropping, railing berms or cutting switchbacks ideally with a loamy ground.         

12. Are you Fox or RockShox guy?

Actually I riding Manitou 🙂

13. SRAM or Shimano?

SRAM any day.

14. How many KMs did you do last year? Any goals for this year?

It was over 4000 and I don’t set any distance goals.  

15. How is your fitness level esp. on the uphill part of the mountain?

Not greatm not terrible. Usually I’m among the first on top of the hill, but I’m not XC racer by any means.

16. What and where was your longest ride?     

It was two years ago in Kunerad with 60km in distance and over 2200m vertical climbing.

17. What do you do when you don’t bike?

I like sports in general, hockey, florbal, football… I also like to take pictures especially sports photography.

18. What do you hate when you bike?

Loose rocks and when you get a flat on the trail… And ride it for some time before finding out 🙂

19. What languages do you speak

English and Spanish

20. Where can people find you online and offline?

On the next Traildeer trip to Malaga and many upcoming to Spain and of course on the trails in Slovakia.

Online you can find me here:

Strava martin_klučka

Instagram martin_klucka

Thanks for the interview Martin we’re looking forward to meet you on many bike adventures with you in the future and also look forward to another chat with you down the line.


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