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Today is a big day, because it means a new stage in the development of Traildeer, by recruiting new blood into the team in the form of bike delegates. We hope that this will have a positive impact on the future of our trips, in that they will become more flexible in terms of dates and we will gradually expand the types of trips to other categories like eBike, XC and maybe road trips down the line.

But before that, a bit of backstory. As you may know, with Traildeer we try to create unforgettable bike trips in exotic as well as local destinations, where we take care of everything – from accommodation, through a complete itinerary for each day, local guides leading the group on the trails, shuttling or lifts, to small details such as recommendations where they have the best drinks or food, where to buy groceries, or where to take a bath.

Compared to the usual bike trips you can find online these days, we have taken our service to the next level by having one of our delegates accompany the entire group during the trip, both in the saddle and out of it. He makes sure that the trip rolls on smoothly and that the whole group is pampered properly, before the ride, on the trails, as well as after a full day of riding. Since most of the time on each trip we ride multiple locations, we also often change guides/vans or accommodation, and therefore our delegate ensures that the quality of the delivered services corresponds to the expectations of the participants during the entire trip.

And since on most of these trips new people meet for the first time, thanks to the delegate we can ensure that the group bonds quickly and that there is always a good mood. In addition, the delegate takes care of all possible matters from organization, time schedule, communication with local guides or drivers, or help with accommodation equipment, etc. So the participant himself really only has to show up with their bike and enjoy the holiday.

We are therefore looking for bike “delegates” to join the team who would accompany our customers on the trips and ensure high quality and satisfaction of each participant. Since no one has unlimited free time to be on each ride, we want to cover the whole year and ideally different types of biking across multiple people, at least one per each category – trail, ebike, xc, road or someone who does more than one.

Details about the role, requirements and benefits can be found below and you can of course contact us at any time if you have any questions.



  • communicate with the Traildeer team around trip planning and organization
  • support the riders/customers in terms of preparing the trip via Whatsapp, Facebook
  • coordinate transportation with the participants, i.e. meeting point/s and time/s


Before the ride

  • on departure day meet with the group in person at the meeting point
  • get everyone introduced and set a friendly atmosphere for the trip
  • brief the group on the trips itinerary in detail and learn a bit about the riders
  • support check-in and check-outs in apartments or hotels (via Airbnb, Booking etc.)
  • each evening explain and adapt the riding itinerary when necessary
  • organize riding schedule with riders & guides/drivers for a smooth riding day
  • figure out change of plans (e.g. in bad weather, guide/shuttle/lift fallout etc.)
  • organize transportation departures, meeting- and pick-up points

During the ride

  • before first ride do a Full Safety & Bike Check and then a quick one before each ride
  • ensure a high safety standard on the trails (appropriate tempo, riding difficulty etc.)
  • translate/interpret between guides/drivers and the group
  • ride at the back to pick up stragglers and to ensure no one gets lost
  • support the local guides when needed (e.g. group split, in case of in jury, bike issues etc.)
  • make the riding group gel together from the get go so everyone has fun
  • take some cool photos and videos on the trail for riders and marketing

After the ride

  • organize any after-ride program, restaurant bookings, grocery shopping etc.
  • help repair/fix issues on bikes or gear when possible
  • support bike repair at local mechanics or shopping for missing gear
  • if there’s time prepare a short social post on Facebook or Instagram
  • organize departure of the group at the end of the trip
  • gather feedback from the riders, ask for reviews


  • debrief with the Traildeer team, suggest improvements, start planning your next trip 🙂


As we’re still very young and learning how to run the business we’re tight on margins, however we can for now offer the following:

  • discover some of the best places to ride for free
  • trip package costs covered – i.e. the price for the trip including accommodation, shuttling/lifts, guides and any additional costs included in the trip (e.g. airport transfer, breakfast if included etc.)
  • road transportation costs covered, i.e. your part of gasoline, highway ticket if going by car (flight tickets case-by-case depending on prices and number of participants)
  • in future we want to be able to cover food costs as well as pay a reward fee per trip on top of covering the costs above
  • team scouting trips in new locations to build attractive itineraries
  • fully or partially covered bike guide or coach programs
  • significant discounts on participating on our trips
  • family and friends discounts on trips and merchandising
  • ability to plan and organize your own trips
  • in future potentially part- or full-time employment


  • enthusiasm to discover and ride new locations
  • proficient rider both uphill (fitness) and downhill (technique)
  • riding Trail, Enduro, XC, E-bike or Road or a combo to cover other trips   
  • good stamina – no problem with riding for multiple days in a row
  • outgoing cheerful person who can maintain a positive mood
  • great in working with groups and individuals of all ages
  • clear communication in presenting instructions and itinerary
  • Slovak or Czech, native or at least fluent in one of the languages
  • fluent English in both spoken and written communication
  • other western languages of advantage (e.g. German, Italian, Spanish, French)      
  • ideally from Bratislava or willing to travel to here before the trip
  • proficient with ride planning apps like Trailforks, Komoot,
  • flexible schedule at main job with enough vacation days (i.e. 1-5 days per trip)
  • minimum availability 1 trip per month (between 2-5 nights per trip), ideally all year long
  • drivers license B, experience driving a van and trailer of benefit
  • first aid and/or bike mechanic skills of benefit
  • good eye and trigger finger for photos of benefit
  • thinking on your feet and impromptu problem solving required
  • ideally having a lot of trips under your belt for new inspiration
  • some form of self-employment or company for invoicing either existing or setup later
  • you will have to get a delegate license, we will pay and you will complete an online exam

Just reach out to us either via our Facebook or Instagram or write directly to and add with why you think you’d be a great delegate and what trips you would like to cover. We’re looking forward to hear from you.

See you on the trails


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