Waiting for the stars (friends calendars) to align… Or why we’ve started Traildeer in the 1st place?

Although the top most reason why we jumped into this whole business was to finally get out of the office rat race after too many years spent behind the desk and at meetings, just to be able to afford riding after working hours (there’s time after work?) and on the holy weekends.

But the key inspiration came from scratching our own itch, which as valid three years ago as it is today. We wanted to visit all those amazing places to ride, but alas there was one major obstacle in our way, which you can’t just bunny hop over like a log on the trail.

Finding the perfect date, time, price for us and our friends to agree on (and of course all the other hundred factors that go into a good trip).

Yes, when we were younger, and also mostly single (or semi-single) it was quite easy to get the buddies together and just go even for 4-5 trips per year. Often it was enough just to say “lets ride” and suddenly the car was packed and you’ve found yourself on the trail the next day.

Now with the flowing years all the responsibilities started to pile up. Yes everyone is still eager and excited when you hear “Lets go to Finale, Madeira, or heck even Squamish.” But when it comes to actually getting things rolling you start hearing:

  1. Too much work.
  2. Too little money.
  3. Too much spent on bikes already.
  4. No more vacation days.
  5. Wife/Girlfriend won’t let me.
  6. I can’t go with her. I can’t go without her.
  7. I have kids. Dogs. Cats. Name creature.
  8. Too hot. Too cold. Too wet. Too dry.
  9. Been there already. Haven’t been there yet.
  10. Too difficult. Too easy. Too long. Too short.
  11. Too far. Don’t like to drive. Don’t like to fly.
  12. My bike lacks a new (name a component).
  13. My shocks need service.
  14. My car won’t make the trip.
  15. I am out of shape. Can’t climb. Can’t descend.
  16. Too injured to ride. Last fall still hurts.
  17. Don’t want to get more injured.
  18. Its that time of month (for girls mostly)
  19. I switched to (road, dirt, city…) bike.
  20. The absolute highlight – I would go, but I don’t want to…

And then you’re stuck at home once again, glad if you find time to ride at least the home trails together.

And yes, there’s still that option of going it yourself, but lets face it – only very few of us are crazy enough to venture out on our own. With all the wildlife wanting to eat you, hunters wanting to shoot you and all those damnable tourists blocking you from your deserved KOMs/QOMs on the ups & downs. Not to mention that it costs a ton if you don’t have 3-4 friends to share them with.

And that brings us back full circle why we’ve started Traildeer. Although as we’ve seen it’s near to a miracle to get to your dream location with your friends, that doesn’t have to stop you from getting there at all. And make new friends while doing so, since the same as with bikes, there’s always space for another bike buddy or two.

We aim to bring together the lucky ones at the given time in the year that want to get up and go for an amazing ride, no questions asked. On top of that we try to really get you your money’s worth and go even beyond that, offering your more ride bang for your buck. Often unlocking experiences and possibilities you would not have by yourself or with 1-2 friends.

So if you’re tired to hear the next sorry excuse for why your trip won’t work out again check out the available dates and join us for a the ride you’re dreaming of.  

P.S. What was the funniest excuse you’ve heard from your buddies why they can’t come along for a ride? Write them in the comments and make people laugh a bit more


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