Bike Skill Basics @ Birell Bike Fest

During this years Bike Fest you will not only be able to see some fantastic riders during the competitions, but also improve your skills as well. Together with the organizers we’ve prepared 4 Bike Skills Basics camps during Saturday and Sunday. Each will be limited to 10 participants and will take 2 hours so that you still have some energy left to watch the races. We will have two trainers on site so that you get the most out of the camp with loads of feedback and advice. The price is €18 per rider and needs to be booked online in advance so that the organization is smooth.

Our bike camps are focused on building the most important skills for trail riding – correct position, braking, balance, turning, and lifting the wheels. Once you have learned to perform these skills proficiently you will be able to control your bike with more confidence, avoid potential injuries and perhaps above all enjoy your bike like never before. Each session will have a different focus so choose the one you want to improve the most. The camps on Saturday are meant for beginners and lower intermediate riders and Sunday is meant for intermediate riders who already have basics in place. Check out the program below and choose wisely. Before singing up for a camp please consider your level of riding and make sure you go for the correct one as we want the riders to be as similar in skills a possible. Just click on the individual camp to check out the details.

Saturday – Beginner & Lower Intermediate
Camp 1 – 10:30 Position & Braking

Camp 2 – 14:30 Curves & cornering

Sunday – Upper Intermediate
Camp 3 – 10:30 Manual & Wheelie 

Camp 4 – 15:00 Bunny Hop Training 

If you have any questions, comments or feedback please let us know.

P.S. If there will be interest in a particular camp we may change one of the others to that area to accommodate your wishes. See you on the Bike Fest


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