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We recently brought you our report from a trip to Croatia – Zagreb and Omis (if you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it here). Next Thursday we’re heading out with another group and still have two free spots and we have also added new dates for November with about 16 degrees and sunny (find out more about the event here). We have decided to ask the riders that took part in the first trip to share their thoughts and recommendations.

Miška ★★★★★
The trails in Omis were very surprising. The surface was rocky with various entertaining but also technical elements. Fast, less demanding passages alternated with steeper technical ones, as well as several differently demanding drops.

Some sections were slightly exposed, so adrenaline lovers will definitely enjoy themselves. The best experience for me was the Imber trail. Although the bike had to be pushed up the hill from the highest point where we the van could take us, but at the top we were rewarded by amazing views and an even better trail downhill.

On the way up, the guides warned us about the more challenging passages and explained how to cross them as efficiently as possible, thanks to which I really enjoyed the descent, as I did not have to stop before the difficult sections.

Our guides – Ivo, Jelena and Dino were very nice. They estimated the level of our group well and then stopped in places that could be a challenge for us. They took us to places we would probably not even find on our own and without shuttling we probably wouldn’t even get to them. It felt very well to not have to pedal esp. in the september heat where the temperature still averaged around 27 degrees.

Overall, the trip was very well thought out and organized. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it was a super bike trip with amazing people, great food and beautiful sea.

Mišo and Nina ★★★★★
A bike trip to Croatia in the autumn is an excellent idea how to extend the season and enjoy a summer-like rides at the brink of October.

Zagreb biking as a stopover was a great idea, and the guides there were great. Andrej, our guide in Zagreb, was very caring and always checked back to see if we were catching up or whether he needed to wait for us. He always gave us info about what awaits us ahead. The riding in Zagreb was very similar to our favorite locations in Slovakia, although I wouldn’t go on a trip just because of them. Omiš on the other end was definitely the highlight of the trip – it was superb! In my opinion, already the views of the sea from the trails is a big plus point for someone coming from Central Europe. The fact that the area was wide open had the slight disadvantage that even at the end of September it was still very warm without a bit of shadow, but the views were worth it. And at least the trails were all the more visible and we could ride longer than in the woods. I enjoyed riding on rocky terrain much more than in Zagreb, the grip was really good even when it was dry. In addition, the air and breeze from the sea, and of course, the possibility to throw yourself straight into the sea after riding is TOP.

In short, the riding in Croatia on excellent rocky trails that end at the sea, where you can still swim at the end of the season is great. In the heat, of course, we appreciated the shuttling, thanks to which we were able to enjoy many more trails. Guides were also great, they waited in critical sections, gave advice and also showed all the pitfalls of the trails. And in the evening recommended the best local beer and downed a few of them with us.

Vlada ★★★★★
I expected that it only makes sense to go to Croatia with kids because of the sea, but Omis surprised me very positively. Perun a mountain with fun trails, full of drops, jumps, rocks, but also fast passages. In addition, great weather, swimming in the sea, shuttling without having to pedal and skilled guides, who always showed us where and how best to tackle the features on the trail. And in the evening they sat with us for a local beer, which they brought for tasting.

Vilo ★★★★★
The initial feeling was a change from the usual bike drill (me + friends + bikes) – a positive change. Zagreb was a bit worse for me from the point of view of my riding skills as I have not been used to difficult trails before. I kept thinking that the track was a bit too steep and quite long  It got better in Omiš and the next day I “almost” felt at home. Almost because of the relatively small amount of experience with enduro riding. Trails I would recommend to everyone from beginners to advanced. The guides deserve 10/10 from my opinion – friendly, they didn’t push me, they explained, they knew it there = great.

Note from Traildeer: I just want to point out that the trails are really more challenging here and the trip is not intended for beginners, but since it was the first trip here, we’ve managed to train and coach Vilo on the first day and we were all pleasantly surprised by his massive progress. He managed the rest of the ride brilliantly.)

We want to thank all the participants again and look forward to seeing them on our next trips. If you would be interested in joining Omiš next Thursday 28.10. there are two more spots or you can check out the dates for November here. Ideally write to us via FBIG or chat on the web and we will be happy to give you more info. Details of the trip can be found here. See you on the trails.


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